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Mobile Systems and Solutions

iPhone / iPad Apps

The fastest information flow in a company is nowadays achieved by using mobile solutions for smartphones and tablets. Portable applications are very efficient tools in getting new customers. Currently mobile solutions are not only innovative or prestigious, but they are also an important element of a business strategy.

If you are looking for a professional developer for a mobile device application to satisfy your need, feel free to contact us and discuss our offer. Services that we can provide for you include and are not limited to:

  • Designing and developing a mobile application(s) on iOS platform
  • Providing comprehensive services: starting from a high-level vision of the solution, through the strategy how it should be implemented, creating a design, building the application, until final deployment of the solution, its distribution and support
  • Development of simple applications as well as complex mobile solutions, composed of many dedicated programs
  • Consulting and advisory services, selection of the best and the most effective IT technology for your own application
  • Specializing in business IT solutions for iPhone/iPad

Systems and applications that we are creating, can be built both to satisfy our Clients’ business needs, as well as for their further distribution on the market.

Our Offer
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iOS Development
  • Creation of comprehensive mobile applications for Apple iOS devices
  • Integration of mobile systems with already existing IT solutions
  • Designing of mobile solutions and suggesting the best technology to meet business requirements
  • Application development based on visions and ideas coming from our Clients, as well and bringing our own ideas into live solutions
  • Porting software applications built on other systems to iOS platform and moving the applications between different devices running on the same software
  • Prototyping and creating active mock-ups of mobile applications
Mac and PC Apps
  • End-to-end software development for Mac OS X platforms and PC Windows
  • Systems for monitoring and supervision of production processes, both continuous and discrete
  • Visualization of production processes in real-time
  • Solutions based on barcodes, RFID and 2D-codes
  • Systems communicating with peripheral devices through USB, Ethernet, ModBus, WiFi
  • Other types of applications and software that we can help with:
    • Business software
    • Tools
    • Entertainment
    • Education, etc.
Consulting IT
  • Application design (UI / UX), especially mobile solutions
  • Design of IT system architecture
  • Suggesting the best possible technology for an IT solution
  • IT consulting and advisory services for software development, systems integration and IT platforms, etc.
  • Project management, assessment of security and quality of existing IT solutions
  • Comprehensive audit of IT systems
  • Audit of source code (quality, security, ease of maintenance, etc.)

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